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CLOSE ENOUGH FOR LOVE by Johnny Mandel and Paul Williams                        

11/21/13.  Hello, everyone.  We are sorry to let you know that we will not be doing our Christmas show this year.  Two of our members have now moved away from California and we need a little more time to regroup.  As you know, our baritone, Michael Mishaw, moved to Alabaster, Alabama (yes, really) about two years ago.  He's happy and active there, recording often in nearby Nashville, where he began his singing career.  But he misses us as much as we miss him.

This year our tenor, Sheri Izzard, decided to move back to Kansas City, Kansas, the home town of Sheri and her husband David.  Once again, they are happy being there, but Sheri misses Inner Voices and we miss her.

A note to you about our wonderful soprano, Julie Delgado.  Julie has had major health challenges the past few years but the great news is that she is a mighty force on the planet, I'm not kidding.  She continues, in the face of ridiculous odds, to keep moving forward.  And incidentally, every time I see her she looks luminous.  

Our Deborah Dietrich is wildly busy with her children's music classes, and you should check her out if you have talented kids:

I am pretty busy too, producing and arranging for the New Directions Veterans Choir, an amazingly talented group of ex-homeless veterans.  We have been touring the country and completing the first album.  Check them out at, or

I promise you that Inner Voices will do a Christmas show next year.  In all these years we have only missed a couple.  Shelby Flint and I are still here, and we need and love INNER VOICES.  In fact, a few weeks ago I flew Michael out here to appear with INNER VOICES in the L.A. Jazz Institute's tribute to Johnny Mandel.  We were so happy to be singing together.  As you know, if you have seen the shows, we also have a fantastic group of singer friends, the best in the business, and they have visited our show often.  I guarantee you we will have some lovely surprises for you next year, and the best singing in town.

Thank you all for your incredible loyalty.  Please stay in touch, and let me know if you change your email address:





     NEW RELEASE!        


Rehearsing for VALENTINE
Standing: Michael Mishaw, Guest Dori Caymmi
l to r: Guest Alvin Chea, Morgan Ames, Sheri Izzard,
Shelby Flint, Julie Delgado



Well, not exactly a plot.  We've completed our new album: VALENTINE  This is the project we've waited years to make.  It's by far the best we've got to give.  We fell into these love songs like a lake.  Some are original (Shelby's Paper Boat, Morgan's Quietly There).  Some are quirky standards (Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover) and one is a classic (My Funny Valentine).  We were privileged to work with the great Brazilian Dori Caymmi on his song, O Cantador (Like a Lover).  The one-of-a-kind Alvin Chea, famed for his bass lines in Take 6, joins us on several songs.  The CD is a generous 50 plus minutes and 17 songs.

 Release Date:    October 15, 2010

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