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"CLOSE ENOUGH FOR LOVE" by Johnny Mandel and Paul Williams

Rehearsing for VALENTINE
Standing: Michael Mishaw, Guest Dori Caymmi
l to r: Guest Alvin Chea, Morgan Ames, Sheri Izzard,
Shelby Flint, Julie Delgado


Well, not exactly a plot. We've completed our new album: VALENTINE This is the project we've waited years to make. It's by far the best we've got to give. We fell into these love songs like a lake. Some are original (Shelby's Paper Boat, Morgan's Quietly There). Some are quirky standards (Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover) and one is a classic (My Funny Valentine). We were privileged to work with the great Brazilian Dori Caymmi on his song, O Cantador (Like a Lover). The one-of-a-kind Alvin Chea, famed for his bass lines in Take 6, joins us on several songs. The CD is a generous 50 plus minutes and 17 songs.



Guest Jim Gilstrap singing with Shelby Flint

                                                                    VALENTINE SONGS

1.    Chances Are (Allen/Stillman)                                           10.    I Am His Lady (M. Ames)
2.    I'd Like to be Baby to You (Morgan Ames)                       11.    Time After Time (Cahn/Stein)
3.    Come On Back Where You Belong (Ames/Grusin)            12.    I Don't Go Shopping (Allen/Lasley)
4.    Close Enough for Love (Mandel/Williams)                       13.    Too Young to Go Steady(McHugh/Adamson)
5.    O Cantador (Caymmi/Motta/Bergmans)                           14.    Belleville Rendezvous (Charest/Chomet)
6.    Quietly There (Mandel/Ames)                                          15.    Little Did I Dream (Mandel/Frishberg)
7.    My Funny Valentine (Rodgers/Hart)                                 16.    Glad We Threw In Together (Ames)
8.    Paper Boat (Shelby Flint)                                                  17.    Unless It's You (Mandel/Ames)



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